Claudio Marino

Film Director

Originally hailing from Linköping, Sweden, and based in Stockholm since 2007, creative director Claudio Marino is becoming a definite protagonist among his peers.

With a constantly growing list of clients – spanning a wide array within the “mainstream” as well as several sub-cultural phenomena, not to mention all of his corporate and commercial patrons – there is no doubt that Claudio Marino, most often operating under the moniker of Artax Film, has what it takes when it comes to making visual story-telling in the form of art and film. He has the exquisite knowledge of how to create tension-filled imagery, leading the way from darkness into light, from blur to sharpness, and from the unknown to the familiar. Claudio Marino is a sensible, sensitive, and sensational filmmaker, utterly respectful and observant to the client’s goals. No holds barred.

The incentive of my work is to evoke feelings, may it be anger, happiness, sadness, or joy, Claudio Marino says. I strive towards making each and every job, big or small, a separate piece of art. I see them all as part of my legacy. Ever onward.

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"Claudio Marino is, undoubtedly, a distinctive and singular filmmaker. "

Johan Renck

"With a sharp eye for details and a strong aesthetic sense, Claudio makes – the sometimes tiresome – process of design very smooth and satisfying."

Papa Emeritus II (Ghost)

"Beautiful darkness."

Jonas Åkerlund

"Claudio’s creative mind is both spicy and stern. Exotic and unexpected ideas neatly wrapped in iron. Which makes it working with him a pleasure."

E. (Watain)

"Claudio is smooth, artistic, with a great eye for details. Easy to work with and responsive, while maintaining his own integrity."

Jonas Renkse (Katatonia)

"Claudio is incredibly talented and very easy to work with. He possesses incredible vision and knows how to apply it. This is crucial for any director."

King Dude

"Working with Claudio was a life-altering experience for me, considering he truly made it easy to discuss matters I usually wouldn't even begin to share with others. His dedication and professionalism is mesmerizing, and although I myself am not really a people-person, I ended up making a friend for life"

Niklas Kvarforth (Shining)

"Claudio is a very intelligent, observant and kind filmmaker. pleasant to be around, efficient, patient, sensitive and present. He was the perfect director for the song since he truly is a filmmaker to fully trust. I can with all my heart and soul recommend him for best quality filmmaking. "

Regina Lund

"It was easy to work with Claudio and the result was great. recommended!"

L.G. Petrov (Entombed)

"Finally, a designer who is able to cope with our explicit demands without crumbling under pressure. Accurate, precise and with an exceptional eye for detail – highly recommended!"

Mortuus (Marduk)

"Claudio took our vision into a whole new level. Not many artists out there explore the art of Visual Suffering and Liberation like Claudio does. One of a kind!"


"Claudio is a great and easy-going director. Artistically he has a clear vision, and understands what direction or needs the artist has, even before the first meeting. A true visionary in the art form of the visuals."

Johannes Andersson (Tribulation)

"Claudio has a natural sense of detail and composition. The results we accomplished under such abstract conditions with such limited time were absolutely impeccable. A seed 4 future greatness has been planted"

Tomas Pettersson (Ordo Rosarius Equilibrio)

"We needed to work with a true master of the dark arts for our video. Claudio provided us with the feeling and vision we sought for. The result speaks for itself."

The Puppet Master (Priest)

"MCC and Tid are both highly dependent on art and design. It is about giving the music the dress that it deserves - and finding someone that envisions just what you want to say with your music and your ideas for art. Clean, elegant and classy is our game, and as that is exactly what Claudio Marino is known for, he is integral for our expression."

Martin Persner (MCC, Tid, Ex-Ghost)

"From the time we made contact to having a finished video took less than 2 weeks, must be a record! Claudio is incredibly easy to work with, knows exactly what he's doing and delivers a great result in no time. We will definitely work together again in the future!"

Atte (Necrophobic)

"Unlike many other artists Claudio lets you participate in the creative process. A video shoot with him is a continuing work on the music created by the musicians. I have never worked with any one before that nears the creation with such respect and passion for the collective drive of everyone participating in the video making."

Sebastian Ramstedt (In Aphelion)

"It was great doing the Tumblin’ Dominoes video with Claudio Marino. It felt like we understood each other’s visions and it was a good ride until the end. Let’s do more!"

Conny Bloom (Electric Boys)

"Claudio has a gift of being able to translate an artist’s vision and aesthetic to the web, creating an elegant and easy way to navigate portals into the world of music.He is easy to work with and uses his expertise in the field of design to offer people an internet home that is customized to each artists’ needs, honors the nature of the music and just feels right."

Steve Von Till (Neurosis)

"We turned to Claudio because of his inspiring work and felt a great connection from the start. Claudio took the reins and came up with a design that suited our target audience perfectly. We would be most happy to work with him on future projects"

Orvar Säfström

"To my great fortune, I have acted in some of Claudio's videos; the results are astonishing and show polymorphous perversity and perfect craft both sublime and subliminal."

Carl-Michael Edenborg

"Couldn’t be happier with the result of our collaboration. Professional, inspired and patiently accommodating. And patience being a virtue is truer than ever when working with a rock band. Highly recommended"

Fred Burman (Satan Takes a Holiday)

"Claudio helped us to get online in the very beginning. By being coherent and having great design solutions he made that journey very easy for us."

Papa Emeritus I (Ghost)

"Possessing an open mind and an open heart, Claudio visualized our music through his truly unique artistic vision and aesthetics. We were privileged to have him contribute to our art and we are grateful for his professionalism, enthusiasm and dedication to our project. It was an honor to work with an artist like Claudio."

Philip Dellas (Wothrosch)

"I’ve been cooperating with Claudio in different projects for the last 10 years. He’s one of those rare talents that you never let go when you find them. Claudio is the most reliable artist I know. No bullshit. He always deliever gold. Dedicated and professional. With great artistic integrity. I trust Claudio 100%. When we work together I tend to give him free hands, because I know that I will be satisfied with the result. Everyone should pay a visit to the unique, dark universe that he creates."

Joel Segerstedt (The Open Up and Bleeds)

"Claudio is a true professional. Both in terms of co-operation and communication, but also in the way he expresses his artistic vision. I think Claudio crafted something beautiful and essential from our music."

Victor Wegeborn (The Moth Gatherer)

"Claudio was very good at listening to our crazy ideas and at finding solutions to make them possible. He works fast, and delivers the work on due date. He is reliable and easy to work with, I hope we will collaborate again!"

Perversifier (Merrimack)

"Professionally efficient with a real artistic vision. I loved to work with Claudio and look forward and to work again with him in the future."

Vincent (Seth)